Since January 2003 the company has been producing doors with recognized quality in the domestic market and in several other countries. Since then, growth is constant with continuous investments to stay ahead in the development and production quality, it is to expand the market and building a trustfull brand.
Abrilar today occupies an area of 48.000m2 being 7.800m2 built, has a daily production capacity above 1,500 doors, as well as frames for construction, door ready kits and all items are available in natural wooden veneer, engineered wooden veneer, melamine or primer.




Our polices of raw material buyings, production and shipping are monitored so we can ensure customer quality standard products. All wood used in the process undergoes Kiln drying controlled precisely to keep a constant moisture between minimum and maximum it is essential to prevent cracking, warping and any other movement of the wood fibers, therefore a stable and durable product.




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